Baltimore Commercial Real Estate

If you currently have a need to purchase, lease, or sell commercial real estate, we have access to the right resources to assist you in the process. Besides having the proper training that allows us to navigate the process properly, we also keep our finger on the pulse of the market, maintaining access to information that not many companies in the market have. Below, we summarize some of our capabilities. 

Tenant Representation

Finding the right space for your business is usually a complex, fragmented process since there are no main databases to search for space in one place. It helps for you to have access to all of the available opportunities in your market so you can maximize your business's potential, whether you have a need for office where access to a skilled workforce is critical, retail where customer traffic and visibility is important, or your company is involved with production or distribution, and warehouse or factory space is your primary need. We have the ability to perform the right level of analysis that can help you drill down to your requirements.

Landlord Representation

If you own commercial property, you need a company that can help you identify the right tenants for your space while enabling the correct mix that allows you to maximize your building's value, as well as your net operating income (NOI). This involves the right approach to targeting, positioning, and continual marketing to the right segments and the proper analysis of the competitive set. This also requires the right framing of the building's operations and benefits to the tenant; our company is the right choice to help you do that. 


If you are a developer, you have a unique need in that you are starting from scratch, having to identify either a location or an idea, and drive it forward through a variety of components. You need to identify the location, perform the analysis on its potential, choose the right project, finance and bring it to the market. All of these functions require planning and coordination, and working with the right firm to assist along the way can reduce uncertainty. We have the experience and training to help guide you as a developer into the right direction.