Old Aberdeen Mickey D's
By Scott
November 2, 2016

If you’re from the Aberdeen area, I want you to admit something.

You’re going to tell the truth about having been to this McDonald’s on route 40 at some point on a Sunday morning, hungover, feeling like death, ordering pancakes and coffee to help ease the pain.

If you say you haven’t, you’re lying!

And if you’re still in the area, you know that this store closed, and they built a brand new one next to Royal Farms, across from Walmart just up the street.

But I have more news about what’s going in the old Mickey D’s location, and instead of stumbling in with your pajamas to get hangover medicine, you’ll be going to get rubber and pads.

No, not those rubber and pads. Rubber for your tires, and brake pads, because, according to sources, the new tenant at this location is National Tire and Brake (NTB). They’ll join the Autozone and Advance Auto Parts along the same section of the strip.

Not happy about the new tenant? Did you have other desires for that location? Let us know!

Next to Harbor Shops in Havre de Grace
By Scott
November 7, 2016

I remember as a kid, one of my favorite cartoons was The Flintstones. For those of us old enough, you’ll recall that Fred worked at a quarry, using one of those massive earth-moving machines. One of my most vivid memories was how he reacted when the whistle blew at the end of the day and it was time to go home!

I couldn’t help but think about the cartoon when I saw the massive rocks being shoved around in the picture below, which is just next to the Harbor Shops in Havre de Grace, on route 40 next to Rite Aid. I’ve lived in the area for decades, and never thought I’d see this lot built on; it’s a little high off the ground, and seemed kind of steep. I guess they can still make it happen.

From what I hear, the lot is planned for more retail. The plans show another convenience store (Havre de Grace seems to adore convenience!) with gas pumps, a 3,500 square foot restaurant (probably fast food), and an inline strip for more assorted shopping. As of right now, none of the space is leased, and they are only finishing up the site work.

So, knowing this, what would you like to see there? What new restaurant does Havre de Grace have the capacity to support? Which convenience store? Let us know!

White Marsh Real Estate, September 2016
By Scott
November 9, 2016

The award for the hottest market in our area of emphasis is White Marsh, MD! Not because of the sheer number of sales; more so because of the type of activity. 48 sales occurred in the 21236 zip, and 5 changed hands in the 21162, and while these represented a decrease from September of 2015, the fundamentals for demand are actually greater.

Let me explain.

Last year, there were 167 homes on the market in White Marsh, with only 40 having sold, which means there was more than 4 months’ worth of inventory available. This year, these numbers became compressed, where there were only 122 active listings in White Marsh, with more than 50 swapping owners. This means there is only about 2.5 months of inventory available on the market.

The highest-priced sale took place at $540,000 at 11615 Philadelphia Rd in White Marsh, which closed on September 30.

What the numbers mean is that there are fewer homes from which to choose, and this will eventually cause prices to rise in White Marsh, MD. People have drifted towards this area in the past because of its proximity to the interstate, good schools, and plenty of shopping, and it seems as if the demand is holding firm. Builders are still constructing homes in the area, with Ryan Home’s Fieldcrest community being one of the most popular.

The Paragon Outlets are still on the horizon, which is the 250,000 square foot, 100+ store premium outlet center planned to be open at the corner of route 7 and 43. While there were a few legal hurdles to climb regarding zoning, the project is scheduled for completion in 2018. This will add to the attractiveness of the area, which will appeal to the high-income residents. 

What is Going Behind Beards Hill in Aberdeen?

If you’re like me, you’ve taken the back way to Beards Hill Plaza by coming in from Paradise Road, down past Maxa, in order to elude the traffic lights that can be a little slow. With the construction on Route 22, it has become even slower to get through the area, so scurrying down what once was a back road was always a little faster.

That’s about to change.

The huge swath of land behind Beards Hill, just across from the Jiffy Lube, has been cleared, and is now quietly under development. The site work is being done, including the grading of the lot, water and sewer systems, and sediment control.

The new development is a 198-unit apartment complex called Summerlin, which joins the recently opened community near Ripken Stadium named The Yards at Fieldside Village, which has 200 units, clubhouse, gym, and even a Starbucks coffee station! According to their website, unit sizes at Fieldside start at 777 square feet and go up to 1,309, and prices currently range from $1,332 to $1,709.

While not many details are available about Summerlin, it has been given a 4-star rating—the same status provided to Fieldside—so we can assume that it will have similar amenities so they can compete for tenants.

Apartment construction had been nonexistent in the area, but developers seem to think they found a need. Do you think these apartment complexes will be successful, or are these builders making false predictions about the area, similar to what the office developers did in recent years?