Abingdon MD Real Estate from August 2016
By Scott
October 6, 2016

While we’re still waiting for the final numbers to come in for September, we can still take a look at what happened in residential real estate in Abingdon, MD during the month of August, 2016. It Is no surprise that in what is usually a fairly hot market, there was a ton of activity. But despite the sheer volume of sales in such a small market, some of the metrics are actually down from a year ago.

The total sales volume was just over $13 million for the month, made up from 59 closed sales. The amount of closed homes was actually up over 58% from last August, but the median sales price is down 16.7%, meaning that there were a lot more homes sold at lower prices. It also took slightly longer to sell a home in Abingdon this year as opposed to last year; the average length of time it took to sell a home that closed in Abingdon in August was 58 days.

The highest sales price for the month was a single family residence in Monmouth Meadows on Royal drive, which sold for $415,000. Of all of the rest of the sales, there were four condos, 30 townhomes, and 25 single family properties.

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