Next to Harbor Shops in Havre de Grace
By Scott
November 7, 2016

I remember as a kid, one of my favorite cartoons was The Flintstones. For those of us old enough, you’ll recall that Fred worked at a quarry, using one of those massive earth-moving machines. One of my most vivid memories was how he reacted when the whistle blew at the end of the day and it was time to go home!

I couldn’t help but think about the cartoon when I saw the massive rocks being shoved around in the picture below, which is ...

Old Aberdeen Mickey D's
By Scott
November 2, 2016

If you’re from the Aberdeen area, I want you to admit something.

You’re going to tell the truth about having been to this McDonald’s on route 40 at some point on a Sunday morning, hungover, feeling like death, ordering pancakes and coffee to help ease the pain.

If you say you haven’t, you’re lying!

And if you’re still in the area, you know that this store closed, and they built a brand new one next to Royal Farms, across from Walmart just ...

Real Estate Brokerage "Graduates" Incubator
By Scott
October 30, 2016


Bel Air MD Real Estate from September 2016
By Scott
October 23, 2016

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the source has been the real estate market in Bel Air, MD! During September, there was a whopping $29 million in residential homes moved, which is up 12% over the same month in 2015. This represented the sale of 97 homes, where the average sales price was $298,000. This was a modest increase over last year of 1.5%.

The highest-priced home sale was in Willow Chase on Springvale drive, and sold for $790,000. A picture of this property can be seen below.

New Industrial Park
By Scott
October 8, 2016

How many of you travel through Cecil County along route 40? If you do, then you've likely driven past this massive project, just off of Principio Parkway. Despite the proximity to a few residential developments, the highest and best use for this is commercial-more specifically, industrial-a will be home to another warehouse business park called "Principio Commece Center I" (I take it there will be a 2nd phase since this is called I).