Making Sense of this Market
By Scott
August 31, 2018
10 years ago, the economy was in a tailspin headed by the real estate crisis. Many people who’d bought homes at the top of the market or had homes built in the early 2000’s tried to sell at the same time, flooding the market with inventory and bringing prices down fast. The people who didn’t have enough equity to sell either kept their property, sold it for a loss, fell into distress (short sale or foreclosure), or reluctantly rented it out. Distressed property sales would even make up the bulk of transactions in some areas for ...
Harford County Real Estate in April 2018
By Scott
April 30, 2018
For me, as a real estate agent, business has been consistent. Well, consistent as far as this industry goes! As you can guess, we are generally busier in the Summer, just after buyers start looking in the Spring. But you guys are smarter than that; you know you want to buy a home far sooner than you start looking, so there is more consistency to what we do than we give credit.  And the type of buyer that you are matters as well; first-timers will start a little sooner, not knowing what to expect from the process. Experienced buyers ...
Home Sellers in the Driver's Seat in 2018
If you shopped for a home in 2017, you probably got a little frustrated. The inventory levels were lower across the board, with an average of 20% fewer homes on the market than 2016. Many of our clients placed offers on many homes before getting one under contract, and even then, they would get used to hearing “we have multiple offers and need your highest and best!” Motivated buyers took heed and paid what they thought the home was worth; others skeptically chose to keep looking.    The year ended on a robust level. Personally, it was my best year ...
Harford County Real Estate, Summer of 2017
No need to speculate about what the real estate market in Harford County has done this past Summer; I have the data to show you, along with some insight into what it all means. I can admit that while I usually try to get this info out monthly, I’ve been too busy the past three months to do the research. Despite that, you’ll be surprised at the evidence to the contrary. If you’ve been home-shopping the past few months, you probably ran into a competitive bidding situation, encountering the dreaded “request for highest ...
Havre de Grace Real Estate March 2017
By Scott
May 8, 2017
  The real estate market in my small hometown of Havre de Grace, MD had me worried for a second, since sales were flattening, inventory held firm and median sales prices looked just like they did last year (the last time we reviewed the market was October 2016). While it hasn’t done anything to change my concern, it has made some positive changes. The total real estate sales volume was $5.16 million (the most recent full month for which we have sales), which was down just slightly from last March. ...